Review: On Cloudsurfer Running Shoe

Disclaimer: I received a pair of On Cloudsurfer running shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

While there are brands of running shoes that I love, I’m never opposed to trying something new, and I usually change brands every couple years, depending on the new technology that comes out. So when I was offered the opportunity to test the On Cloudsurfer running shoe, I was interested. Then I saw a picture of the shoes and I was intrigued, but honestly, a little skeptical. There are fads in running that don’t always pan out, but I was excited to find out more about these unique-looking shoes.

In the box

What I received to review

Who is the Cloudsurfer for and what the heck is on the bottom of those shoes?

According to the website, the Cloudsurfer is a neutral performance shoe. The patented CloudTec system are those things you see on the bottom of the shoes. The Cloudsurfer has 13 “clouds” that are designed to close and lock together for a faster take-off that equals more time in the air. There is also a “Speedboard” midsole that that promotes a rolling motion. The shoe has a 7mm drop and the women’s version weighs about 8.5 oz (the men’s weighs 9.7 oz).


The Good

I tried my Cloudsurfers on a variety of surfaces and for a variety of workouts, and was pleasantly surprised. I loved them for my track workout and on the treadmill – I could definitely feel cushion and the quick rebound. I felt the rolling motion and it felt like my legs were going around in a cycle.

They were also great for hills because when you wear the Cloudsurfers, you naturally shift towards the balls of your feet, which is helpful for running uphills.

The shoes felt light and the mesh upper wrapped around my foot very comfortably.

Oh, and the color is pretty cool, too. Angie got to try a different color and has a ton of photos over on her blog – check it out!


The Not-So-Good

When I first tried on the Cloudsurfers, they felt a little big. I went with 9.5, which is my standard size (and the size I should have chosen based on the website’s sizing chart), and I like to have about a finger width of space between my toe and the end of the shoe. This was easily solved by using one of the extra shoelace loops.

The price tag is a bit steeper than most running shoes on the market, with the Cloudsurfer coming in at $149, but their entire line ranges from $119 – $179 (for a waterproof trail shoe with ankle stability).


The Bottom Line

This Swiss company is definitely doing something new, and it’s working. I was really happy with my experience with both the company and the shoe, and they have a really great selection of shoes for different wants/running needs.


I’ve been seeing more Ons while I’m out and about – have you tried them yet?

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